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Love: A strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.

Shenise Gray | Founder & CEO


Growing up I knew early on the tremendous LOVE and passion I had for caregiving for the elderly.

I worked various jobs at the University of Virginia, but none of them would be as fulfilling as the service role I would ultimately take on. In 2018 I went to school and became certified as a CNA.

Over the years I have worked with many families providing a wide range of care for numerous clients. I have experience in the more delicate situations, working with patients who have Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Parkinson's; as well as experience in everyday life care, cooking, cleaning, bathing, and transportation needs.

I quickly became highly recommended and was needed in high demand, because of my Experience, Skills, Companionship, Work Ethic, and LOVE for people.

In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, I founded
Peace of Mind Helpers, LLC. I wanted to be able to keep up with the needed demand of care and to do my best to make sure there was no one left without help. So, with the years of expeience that I have, the knowledge and skill sets; I decided to train my team of caregivers, confidently knowing each and every client will recieve the absolute best care!

About Us

About Peace of Mind Helpers, LLC

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At Peace of Mind Helpers LLC, we understand that each and every client is different, and has different needs. Our motto, "everyone deserves to have a fulfilling quality of life”, is what we truly believe and this is why we guarantee a commitment to being present and providing the best quality of care to you and to your loved ones.

We currently have a team of experienced and loving caregivers, who have provided care and services for over 50 families. We specialize in care for Alzheimer & Dementia clients but, provide care for all spectra of the elderly needs.

We have withstood the hardships/struggles of the pandemic and are continuing to flourish and grow. Our vision is to expand our care and helping hands beyond Charlottesville, Virginia. We are always seeking to broaden our team of Caregivers and CNA's, that are compassionate, hardworking, caring, and patient.

We wholeheartedly care for and about our clients and their well-being. There is nothing more important to us than helping to make their quality of life as easy, stress-free, and happy as possible.



Shenise is honest, loving, and deeply committed to those she cares for. She is a fierce and formidable advocate for my mother. We’re confident my mother is receiving the best possible care thanks to Shenise. Shenise’s judgement in all matters is sound. She has a calm and joyful demeanor, is extremely hard working, and always puts my mother’s well-being at the center of her decisions. Shenise has earned our family’s trust and unending gratitude. We recommend her and her company without hesitation.

Deborah Kane

“I have known Shenise for about 7 years now, as she, and her team, have been the primary caregivers for several of our patients.  I have been very impressed with Shenise and her team, for their consistent professionalism, respect, honesty, loyalty, and genuine caring/love of each client over the years! I truly enjoy working with Shenise, and always know that her clients will be clean/bathed, well nourished, hydrated, and lovingly nurtured consistently, and we can count on her to follow through with specific patient care instructions by the MD when needed. I have always told Shenise that she would be the first person I would call if myself, a family member, or a family friend needed professional caregiving at home!”

Liz Bunn RN

I have known Shenise and her team for two years, and I have personally worked beside them with their clients in complex care situations.
They are all amazing with the elderly with their patience, active listening skills, and ability to work with diverse personalities and backgrounds.
It is obvious the years of experience each team member has when you see them ambulate, transfer, or shower a client. I have observed them to be all genuine, approachable, and warm with their interactions. They are cognizant that people depend on them to be there, and always have their client's safety as their number one priority.
But, i would like to say more about their leader, Shenise! Shenise consistently shows kindness with her down to earth and upbeat personality; no wonder the team all loves working with her. Not only is Shenise smart and conscientious, but she takes great pride in improving the conditions of her clients, and is always there to jump in and help out her team as needed. She doesn't hesitate to call me when she has a question or concern about a client - clearly knows her limits - and knows when to ask for help. Shenise always takes the time to listen and understand when i was giving her suggestions or direction, and i never had to worry about her following through with tasks, or with changes of care when needed.
For Shenise, her work is really a calling, not just a job. She leads with her BIG heart and it's obvious to anyone who is lucky enough to work with her or know her. It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Shenise and her wonderful team.

Laurie Marquardt, RN, BSN, MSEd

I write to enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Shenise Gray and her team of dedicated caregivers. Shenise jumped in to help our family by taking care of my father after his discharge from the hospital for in-home care at The Colonnades. . She was highly recommended to me by Dr. Christina Tieu, and I quickly learned why. Shenise is caring, compassionate, extremely medically knowledgeable, responsive and dependable, and she  is blessed with incredible common sense and stellar judgment.

Helgi Walker

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